Sheila Burbano

Sheila Burbano – Call me (Undiscovered)

Amazing Artist i had to Feature her finally on this site since i tried many times to contact her but didnt get an answer but its ok. Check it out to our fans an amazing artist with an amazing song call “CALL ME” by Shiela Burbano Enjoy

BIO:┬áIf there was one thing the public should know about Sheila B is that she is a Hustler. A hustler is defined as an enterprising person determined to succeed. Simply put, She is a go getter. First and foremost Sheila B. is a musician. She’s am driven by rhythm and melodies and provoked by tunes that fancy her melodic palette; A creative and inventive songwriter of sorts. As a songwriter she refuses to be bound to a general field. The vivacious Singer/Emcee has dreams of unearthing all avenues of viable music genres. She is inspired by exceptional talents like Nas, Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton, En vogue, Anita Baker, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Producer Ninth Wonder, Selena and the Beatles to new a few. As a child Miss B. was influenced by her parents, who both have a great love for music and are both singers and dancers. Success is definitely on the young lady’s horizon.

Call me Sheila B. Undiscovered by SheilaBmusic

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Call Me